Phil's Finishing Touch Inc. 

 625 S 96th St

Seattle WA 98108

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    Over 20 years of service to the Seattle area.  Phil and Gennie retired about 3 years ago and have transitioned to Eastcreek Campground in the Mineral area.  Their goal to create a campground that is private and spacious to visitors.  As they enjoy their new venture Glenn has stepped in to continue service at Phil's to its customers. 

    Just as Phil and Gennie retired we lost our lease at the shop.  It was quickly becoming an issue trying to find a place to start up again and also stay in the immediate area.  The economy was also making things a real challenge. 

    One of our customers Allied Body Works, also a famialy owned business was changing their operations, less painting and more manufacturing.  This situation quickly became a great match.  We would move in and share the facility.  It turned out to be a great match.  We were able to continue service to our customers as well as accent the painting ability for Allied.  I look forward to the continued service to our customers in this tough economy. 

     Keep things honest and affordable, keeping the trust of our customers and helping them along the confusing trail that can follow when your vehicle is damaged.